What is Coaching

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A coach helps you get clear on who YOU are and what matters to YOU.
AND a HORSE does all this with clarity, sincerity, ease and love.

You are healthy, whole and fully resourceful. ALL your answers are within (albeit, outside of your awareness at times!). There are not problems to be ‘fixed’; there are opportunities (often disguised as challenges) for growth. A coach can help you examine “what WANTS to happen here?”, what is true…for you…in this moment. A coach helps you learn how to slow down, become centered, grounded and present…to become quiet enough to hear that ‘still, small voice within’, to hear the whispers of your heart. A coach helps you discover where you are blocked or stuck. You learn how to feel the flow of energy in your own body, where it is stuck, and how to release it. A coach helps you get ‘out of your head’ and in to your heart. You learn how to connect to the wisdom of your body and discover your own answers within. A coach helps you discover what’s underneath the physical or emotional pain in your body. You learn to listen to your body, recognize what is right for you, and hear the messages your body has to tell you.

Walking with a horseWhen engaging With A Horse, You Learn To:

  • open your heart and find your truth;
  • explore energy shifts in your own body and quickly access the message behind these shifts;
  • experience deeper levels of presence, mindfulness, and connection;
  • discover joy and love in new ways and in new areas of your life;
  • create the life you desire.