The Horses

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Why Horses?

Horses are prey animals.

They must be ready at all times to flee from danger. To help tem survive, nature has made them experts at reading vibrational energy and changes in energy. A horse can “read” whether a lion is simply passing through or if he is looking for his next meal. And horses are experts at “reading” humans. Is she “here”, present in her body? Or has she already moved on to the next thing on her to-do list?

Horses live in the present moment – always.

They are neither ruminating on the past nor worried about next week. “Am I safe, right here, right now?”

Horses are genuine – nonjudgmental and noncritical

A horse is not interested in your job title, the size of your bank account, or the car you drive.
“Are you present, right here, right now?”

Horses are always authentic

There are no mixed messages with horses – their insides always match their outsides. (If a horse is mad, you know they are mad. If a horse is relaxed, you can see they are relaxed.) And they want to trust the humans they’re with to be authentic as well. They have no interest in your agenda or what you “think” about a situation. They want to know what’s in your heart.
“What is true for you in this moment, right here, right now?”

Meet The Herd

Palomino horse

Ted is an 18 year old quarter horse. When he came to me 6 years ago, he had been moved from stable to stable, lease to lease, lesson barn to lesson barn. Ted never had “his own person”, something he desperately wanted. He still is not one for ‘hugs and kisses’, he doesn’t really even liked to be touched. But he is happy to connect heart to heart and appreciates a human who is interested in the same! Ted’s coaching is gentle and heart centered. He creates and holds sacred space for healing to occur.

Paint horse

Bella is a 16 year old quarter horse. When she came to me 8 years ago, she was frustrated. Having been a “4H pony” and “lesson horse”, she was often not treated with respect and kindness. She was “told” what to do and she likes to be “asked”! Bella has a lot of mother energy in her – she will hold her clients with love and attention, gently healing old wounds and awakening assertiveness and communication skills.

Roan Horse

Rex is an 18 year old quarter horse. He and his herd of 27 horses were nearly starved to death before he came to me. So needless to say, he is often worried about his physical care and safety. Rex has learned to trust again and he teaches his humans to trust in themselves as well. The other lesson Rex likes to teach is boundary setting. He likes to have fun and does not necessarily like to”follow the rules”!


"Most helpful (part of the day) was feeling the strength and the presence of the horses. They ARE healers, aren’t they!"
- Alison R., VT

"Cindy helped me to reconnect with my inner child and creativity. Her gentle spirit helped me to bring forth my excitement and joy. I am truly grateful."
- Cathy S., CO