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Private Coaching Sessions

I work with adults who:

  • Struggle with “not enough-ness” – not smart enough, not pretty enough, not articulate enough, not good enough;
  • Are so busy taking care of everyone else they don’t remember who they are;
  • Suffer with stress-related physical problems – neck pain, headaches, back pain, digestive issues;
  • Are rushing through life, but know there must be something more;
  • Feel tense, driven, constricted and want to discover how life can feel with space, softness and ease.

I believe you are healthy, whole and fully resourceful. You have all the answers within….albeit the answers may be outside of your awareness right now!

Coaching with me can be done With Horses, In Person Without Horses, or Virtually via the World Wide Web!!

Coaching With Horses

Horses are intuitive, kind and gentle animals who are masters at reading body language. . From the moment we step into their presence, horses sense those feelings we keep private. They help us access parts of ourselves that we’ve long forgotten.

Horses reconnect us to ourselves
The results are often surprising,
insightful, and long-lasting

Private Sessions
These sessions bring you together with horses in a fun, safe and unique experience.

  • Sessions usually last about 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Cost per session is $195.
  • No horse experience is necessary.
  • All work is done on the ground.
  • Wear your ‘barn clothes’, and closed-toe shoes are a must!

Virtual Coaching With Horses
Horses can actually help you make some discoveries from wherever in the world YOU are!!! We will be on a video conference call – you in the comfort of your own home! – the horses and I outside in beautiful Vermont!

  • These sessions usually last about an hour and require internet service.
Who we are with horses is who we are in life!
Coaching Without Horses

Horses aren’t for you? No problem. I work with adults utilizing many varied coaching techniques that are absolutely effective with or without horses.

Private Sessions
These in person sessions are held at The Wholistic Wellness Center, in Springfield, VT.

  • Sessions usually last one hour.
  • Cost per session is $95.
Contact me or call  802.885.1600 to schedule you session.

Phone Coaching
Live far away from beautiful VT? No problem. I also coach over the phone, skype, or zoom.

  • Sessions usually last 45 minutes and are scheduled twice a month for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Cost for the 3 months of healing is $450.

Create Your Own Sessions
Of course, we can create any combination as well – in horse session followed by phone sessions; in person sessions followed by a session at the barn; virtual horse session followed by working together on skype, etc. Let’s discuss what works best for you!

Personalized Group Retreats and Workshops

Group of women and horsesInner Journeys with Horses is passionate about connecting...

  • Connecting to your own heart and inner fire;
  • Connecting to each other;
  • And connecting to your community and your world!

Let me custom-design an event for your group, family, business, or special event.

Call or contact me today to discuss your needs!