Events at Inner Journeys With Horses

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This page is always changing! Check back often to see what is new on the horizon!

Events At Seavers Brook Farm
381 Will Dean Road, Springfield, VT

Because winters in Vermont can be cold and harsh, workshops at the farm with the horses are seasonal. There is an (unheated)indoor arena here, so we are protected from the rain and wind, but not the cold!
Generally, the weather cooperates enough to allow workshops from late April to early November.

Work with the horses may cover a variety of topics, from values clarification to self worth, but CONNECTION is always the main focus. Connection to self, others, the world, and of course, the horses! From opening circle to time with the horses to closing, the horses teach us about presence, authenticity, and healing.

Events At The Wholistic Wellness Center
160 Wall Street, Springfield, VT

The Wellness Center offers space for our events year round – with the horses helping in spirit only! Workshops here focus on the same healing work – connection, learning loving kindness for ourselves and others, presence, and authenticity. Small groups get together to experience how love, connection, and being present FEEL in the body.