Meet Cindy

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So busy taking care of everyone and everything that you’ve forgotten who YOU are? Always rushing from one thing to the next? Never quite stopping long enough to appreciate where you ARE?

I hear you!
I have spent way too many years of my life rushing, ticking items of my to-do list, thinking of the next 85 things in front of me..
And WOW! That is exhausting.

I am starting to learn to take a breath, stand still for a moment, feel my feet on the ground and the clothes on my skin. And then, from that centered place, CHOOSE where/how I want to move forward. The same amount of work gets done, the same number of items get crossed off the list, but the whole day flows smoother, my body feels soft inside, and my energy is radiant.

How large is YOUR inner critic?

Mine is HUGE! I can go from feeling on top of the world to deep in the dumps from one snarky self-judgment. Making friends with that inner judge sounds impossible (and who would want to anyway???), but she always has some information for me. Perhaps about an old wound from long ago or perhaps something she is needing me to pay attention to right now. Learning to be WITH my inner critic instead of pushing her away has not only helped heal some old wounds, but has also taught me to be kind and compassionate… myself!

I have many years of experience in the healthcare field, as a physical therapist. After working with hundreds of patients in pain, I have come to realize that often physical pain can be due to old injuries, both physical and emotional. All too often, rather than exploring, discovering and actually feeling the pain, we 'stuff it down', holding it within our bodies. In order for true healing to occur, connecting body, mind, and spirit is essential to wholeness, healing, growth, and forward movement in our lives.

Are you in your head every minute of every day?

I was! That 18 inches from your head to your heart can be the longest journey of your life…..BUT so worth it.

Floating down into my heart, discovering what is true for me in this moment helps make sense of my world. And allows my mind to take a much needed break for a moment.

When I STOP, breathe into my heart, and ask “What wants to happen here?” (thank you, Alan Seale), doors of possibility and opportunity open where walls had been. Life flows and the way forward seems effortless.

I have spent the last 30+ years (gasp!!) learning about the wisdom my body has to offer me. And that has given me moments (it’s still a journey!) of being right here, right now, softness, ease, flow, lovingkindness, and optimism for what’s ahead! And guess what? Horses live this way all the time! That’s why they have so many things to teach us about healing, wholeness, and a centered way of life.

"Cindy is a masterful coach with a deep sense of spirituality that comes across in her work. She is always right with you as a client, and makes you feel comfortable right away. The work she has done with me has helped me tremendously, not only with my own spiritual path, but with discovering my strengths."
- Marnie B, FL