Healing Body, Mind, and Soul Through Horses

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Horses are prey animals. In nature, they live in structured social groups (herds) that depend on hierarchies and communication that allow the herd to survive and thrive. They are always in the present moment, aware of their own body and aware of the environment and the rest of the herd. Their communication skills go well beyond verbal and body language. Horses read our mind, our heart, and our gut. They are much more sophisticated than humans at reading energy and reading changes in vibration. They have no agenda with us, they simply reflect back to us the emotions and energy of the people around them. Horses read the match between the conscious mind (the part we're aware of) and the unconscious mind (the part that is outside of our awareness) and look for congruence, or lack of it.

Horses model qualities that are essential for humans - trust, authenticity, honesty, intuition, listening, and willingness of spirit. Horses are not interested in our thoughts and agendas, they crave emotion and connection. They want to know what is in our hearts and what our truth is. They never pretend to be something they're not. They look at WHAT IS, feel WHAT IS. They perceive, acknowledge, interpret, and react accordingly.

In equine coaching, our equine partner offers valuable feedback to the client about what their words and body language are communicating. They are natural healers in their ability to move energy in the client's body, releasing blocked and pent up or stuffed down emotions. The somatic experience, felt in the body, is extremely helpful for the client who 'lives in their head', teaching them to connect to the wisdom of the body.


Maggie is an older, wiser girl who will be happy to teach you about boundaries and using clear and effective communication. She also loves to teach you about using your energy properly to get your needs met!

 “Horses...If God made anything more beautiful,
 He kept it for Himself.”
- Author Unknown


Gracie is a 19 year old solid paint.  Although she is new to this healing work, she is quickly learning how to help humans more by making amazing discoveries.

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Ted is a 14 year old quarter horse. He is not one for 'hugs and kisses' until he has established a heart felt connection with you. An energy balancer, a truth detector, and an amazing space holder, Ted will gently help you recognize your inner truth.


Bella is a 13 year old quarter horse with an amazing ability for energy healing. She is a chakra balancer extraordinaire! Sweet, loving, and attentive, she will help you discover your inner truth.


Rex is a 16 year old quarter horse. He shows humans great examples of how to play and enjoy life.  He is also a master at teaching boundary setting, as he prefers to be "in your pocket."

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