Healing Body, Mind, and Soul Through Horses

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In a world that moves faster every day,
sometimes my life gets spinning out of control.
HORSES teach me to STOP.
        They teach me to be still, breathe, and allow.
In a world where I am thinking too much,
planning my own agenda, ‘making’ things happen,
HORSES teach me to STOP.
They teach me to get out of my head and in to my heart.

In a world where I am trying to be all things to all people,
HORSES teach me to STOP.
They teach me to open my heart and listen
to my wisdom within.

Will you STOP?
Will you be still and take a breath?
Will you open your heart?
Will you listen to the whispers of a horse?

Come. Spend an hour, a day, a weekend with the horses and open your heart, find your joy, and speak your truth.

At Inner Journeys With Horses, I partner with my horses to teach you to look underneath the symptoms, the stories, the stressors, and become more aware of the deeper, more spiritual or more emotional pain. Find it, feel it, sit with it, ask what it has to offer you, ask what it has to teach you, and then make new choices of how you want to show up in your life, how you want to move forward.

Horses have an amazing gift of healing - energetically, emotionally, and physically. They have many things to teach us by their way of life, their way of being, and their powerful presence. Come. Take a moment to be still, to listen to that small voice within, to take a deep cleansing breath. Allow the horses to help you find the wound in your body, hold it with compassion, and begin the journey of healing body, mind and soul.

Click on the EGCM video clip above to learn more!


It's winter in Vermont and we are looking forward to Spring already when we will have new offerings to share with you.  Please check back after the new year to see what's kicking off 2018!

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In the meantime, feel free to stay in touch.  Contact me at


 "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."
                                                                                     - Aristotle

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